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Simple phone interface You don’t need to run complicated video editors on your computer. It takes one minute on your phone.

No tripod is required Hold the phone in your hand. The line will stay in place, no matter how much you move the camera around.

Make your videos stand out! Add colorful lines so that your followers will see where the ball drive went.

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Golf ball tracking, on your mobile phone.

The app is available for iOS, iPadOS and Android. App features vary depending on the platform.

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By far, the best shot tracer app on the marker. User friendly interface that easily tracks ball flight. 10/10 highly recommend!
Avid Average Duffer


If you are in the market of posting your disc golf throws on social media, do not do so without this app! Any throw can be traced within seconds to make your content look incredible, with ease! And with the implementation of auto-tracking, it’s become even easier! Quit making your audience guess where a disc goes or zoom into your post to see the result. This app is the absolute best and a complete no-brainer for any disc golfer or the like on social media!
Phunk Mi

I NEVER do this

I don’t leave reviews but this app is IT. Flawless design and rather impressive how easy they’ve made it on the user. Lines turn out great if you simply follow instructions