Golf Shot Tracing Apps Review

There are a few different apps available on the AppStore for golf ball tracking

  • Ace Trace
  • Shot Tracer / Golf Shot Tracer - the same app, but two different names
  • The Golf Tracer

Let’s see how they compare to each other.


All tracers’ main feature is highlighting the golf ball’s trajectory by tracing its flight path and drawing a line.

Automatic tracking

Some tracers offer the automatic option that automatically allows tracing the ball trajectory. Automatic tracking is a very complex computer vision algorithm implemented differently in every app; however, since the complexity, it often does not work very well. In fact, most users advise not to try to use it at all or manually trace the ball.

We tried the Shot Tracer app for several videos, and it worked one time out of ten for us.

Ace Trace has decent-quality automatic tracking; however, it only works for disc golf now. The automatic golf ball tracking is coming soon.

The Golf Tracer does not offer automatic tracking but has a pretty intuitive interface for manual tracking.

Tracer Automatic Tracking Manual Tracking
Ace Trace Available for golf and disc golf. Pretty reliable Simple and efficient interface
Shot Tracer Works one time out of 10, not accurate Counter-intuitive interface, hard to use
Golf Shot Tracer The same as Shot Tracer The same as Shot Tracer
The Golf Tracer Not available Sufficient interface, not very convenient


Every app allows customization of the line color.

Shot Tracer

Shot Tracer only has a single color option. They also offer a drop-shadow effect.

Ace Trace

Ace Trace has an option of a single color, gradient line colors, or flying particles.

Gradient line

Flying particles

The Golf Tracer

The Golf Tracer is simple but does the job


Camera motion compensation

The old way of tracing algorithms was to rely on the camera being still the whole time. However, it requires filming on a tripod which is not very convenient. A much more common way is to ask a friend to film on your phone holding it in hand. The app must track the camera motion to compensate for hand jitter and zoom. Ace Trace does it very well, and there are several algorithms to select from.

Ace Trace - line stays in place

Shot Tracer - line moves with the camera

Distance counter

Both Ace Trace and Shot Tracer allow you to add counter graphics that will display real-time ball flight distance. The Golf Tracer does not have this feature; however, it allows you to put a static text overlay on top of the video.

Tracer Camera motion compensation Distance counter
Ace Trace Yes Yes
Shot Tracer No Yes
The Golf Tracer No No


Ace Trace has the most stars (4.6) while having a significant number of ratings - 318. The Golf Tracer has a lower rating of 3.8; however, even more ratings - 936. The considerable number of ratings shows how long this product was available on the AppStore. Golf Shot Tracer/Shot Tracer has the lowest rating of only 2.2 (4.0), with fewer people trying it.

Tracer Stars
Ace Trace 4.5 (407 ratings)
Shot Tracer 3.2 (16 ratings)
Golf Shot Tracer 2.2 (148 ratings)
The Golf Tracer 3.8 (936 ratings)

Size comparison

Ace Trace and The Golf Tracer are both about 100 Mb; however, Shot Tracer is 466 Mb which can eat a significant portion of your device storage.

Tracer Size
Ace Trace 105 Mb
Shot Tracer 466 Mb
Golf Shot Tracer 169 Mb
The Golf Tracer 103 Mb


Most of the apps offer subscription-based pricing. Some of them have free options with limited functions.

Tracer Free options Paid options
Ace Trace 1 video every month $39.99/year or $23.99/6-months
Shot Tracer Not available $6 one time + $24/year for map tracer
Golf Shot Tracer Not available $24/year
The Golf Tracer Free tracing $4.99 for premium features


Overall our choice is the Ace Trace. It offers the best user interface - it only takes one minute to trace a golf shot. It also has a free option; if you don’t use it very often, that might work fine. Everything is intuitive and easy to use, with a rich set of features.

The Golf Tracer is a decent alternative. It’s a good option if you have a limited budget and always film your drives using a tripod.

Shot Tracer / Golf Shot Tracer apps interface is very confusing and hard to use, while automatic tracking does not really work.

Get Ace Trace