Ace Trace F.A.Q.


How do I trace a line?

Free Curve - manual editing

You can mark a few points in manual mode, and the app will create a smooth line using them.

  • Scroll the video to find the object
  • Select the object by moving the cursor. You can zoom in with 2 fingers
  • Scroll the video again and mark the object by moving the cursor
  • Add 4 to 10 key points throughout the flight
  • Tap [Preview] to preview the result

Trace Golf

  1. Scroll the timeline to the beginning of the flight, try to be precise
  2. Select the ball with the cursor
  3. Wait for the automatic tracking to complete - it’s just a few seconds
  4. Adjust the landing point by moving the cursor
  5. Change the flight duration by moving the marker in the timeline
  6. Tap [Preview] button to see the result

Check out the iOS Golf tutorial for the tracing golf shots.
You can find the Android tutorial for the Golf mode here

Can Ace Trace track it automatically?

Цу fully supports the automatic tracking for golf balls. When it comes to Disc Golf - it’s work in progress, so far we support the automatic tracking of discs only on iOS.

I cannot sign in

You don’t need to sign in to use the app. If you subscription status is incorrect, or you bought a new device - please click “Restore Purchase” on the payments screen.

Do I need to buy it?

You can play with the app and see the results entirely for free. A subscription is required to save the resulting video to the phone gallery. Also, we offer one free video every 35 days.

Why not free?

  • We cannot afford to make it free. Free products made by big companies usually sell users’ data for advertising.
  • When a product is free, you are the product. We have no intention of selling client’s data since we consider that being evil
  • We won’t add ads to the app since we believe users must enjoy a good product without being bombarded with annoying banners.
  • By purchasing the subscription, you’re supporting our team and letting us continue improving the technology and adding new features.

Thank you for being so understanding. Your support is essential to us!

Do you have more affordable options?

Yes, there is a free video available every 35 days!

Are there any limitations?


  • Video stabilization is slow on Android due to the inability to read a video file in several parallel threads, unlike iOS.
  • Automatic tracking for disc golf is only available on iOS